Cycling Injuries

5 Cycling Injuries And How To Prevent Them

Here are 5 common cycling injuries and what you can do to try and prevent them occurring.

1. Lower Back Pain

Static, forward bending position lends itself to back pain. Prevention is better than cure. Back pain can be avoided by simply having your bike set up correctly to avoid over reaching in the case of a frame being too large and hunched posture in the case of the frame being too small.

2. ITB Syndrome

The ITB (Iliotibial Band) is seen as a problem in many knee injuries and is commonly affected among cyclists due to the repeated bending and straightening of the knee. ITB Syndrome is another injury that can often be attributed to poor bike set. Ideally the saddle height should be set to allow a small knee bend when the pedal reaches the very bottom of the revolution.

3. Foot Numbness

Foot numbness is a loss of feeling in the feet. It is common among cyclists and it’s not solely down to the cold weather we endure in the UK. Ill-fitting cycling shoes, cleats being placed too far forward can lead to numbness problems. Prevention of foot numbness can be achieved through correctly fitting shoes. Position of the cleats is also important.

4. Cuts & Grazes

Cuts & Grazes or ‘road-rash’, generally occurs as a result of falls to the ground. Friction is also responsible- saddle sores. Cuts and grazes can be avoided by concentrating on your ride and staying on your bike.

5. Upper Arm and Shoulder Injuries

Upper arm and shoulder injuries are common in cyclists, especially after a fall! The Acromioclavicular (AC) joint is one part of the shoulder complex and consists of the collar bone joining to the front of the shoulder blade, which is held together by strong ligaments and can be very painful if fallen on while under speed! Prevention: The simple answer is to avoid falling.

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