About this Course

This 3-hour Anaphylaxis Training course is designed for teachers, group leaders, carers or anyone else who needs training in how and when to use an Anaphylaxis Auto-Injector (AAI).

Workplace first aiders who have to deal with those prone to anaphylaxis should also attend. Completing the appropriate training and discussing their care plan may form part of your duty of care.

With 40% of children now suffering from allergies, the ability to understand allergic conditions and deal with sudden or severe symptoms is fast becoming an essential part of childcare.

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Our Anaphylaxis Training Course can be delivered at your practice, at a time and date to suit you, at locations across the UK.

We’ll come to you and tailor your course to suit your specific situation.

This course will empower yourself and your team to feel confident, should the worst happen.

What’s on the course?

This course will teach you how to recognise a severe allergic reaction, the 3 different levels of severity of anaphylactic reactions, and how to treat the most serious using an Anaphylaxis Auto-Injector or ‘Epi-pen’.

As medicine manufacturers learn more about the best use of AAI’s, the guidelines for use often change, depending on which AAI is being used. This course will teach you the differences between each type, and how they should be used.

It also covers how to deal with an unconscious casualty, and how to do CPR and use an AED, on adults and children – should the situation worsen.

It is recommended that the course is renewed every 3 years, although your specific duty of care requirements may require more frequent updating.

It is also recommended that you discuss with any anaphylaxis sufferers that you have a duty of care for what their preferred care plan involves. This may be a discussion you have with a parent or carer of a young person. It will often also involve logging their approval for you to use their AAI to treat them in an emergency situation.

Why Choose the First Aid Training Co-operative?

Our ISO9001 registration, robust Quality Assurance procedure, a large team of highly experienced trainers based across the country, and many years of experience across multiple sectors make us the best choice for your first aid training requirements.

As well as this, we provide:

  • Anaphylaxis training at a time that suits you and your organisation
  • Cost effective, practical courses including lots of hands-on CPR and AED practice
  • All course participants with a free digital first aid manual and we can supply high-quality Cardiac Science AEDs at great prices too
  • This course can also be delivered as a ‘bolt-on’ module, by adding extra contact time to an existing course. Most commonly an Emergency First Aid at Work course or a Basic Life Support and AED course.
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