Aspirin for Heart Attack

Aspirin for Heart Attack

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Guidance from the British Heart Foundation, Resuscitation Council and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) all state that Aspirin can be given.

British Heart Foundation state that Aspirin should be given if at hand, but an ambulance must already be on route. However, the first aider must not go looking for Aspirin.

The view of HSE is that the administration of medication by a first aider is not part of a First Aid at Work (FAW) or Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) training course, but you can assist an individual in taking it. The one exception is when training learners on first aid for heart attacks, when this subject must be covered. For heart attack management, the first aider must be able to assist a casualty in taking 300mg of aspirin and to advise them to chew it, not swallow.

It would be prudent to ask the casualty if they have taken Aspirin before and if they are allergic to Aspirin before offering it.

Remember a heart attack can look like angina, so ask if the casualty suffers from angina.

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