Case Study: Forestry Commission Scotland

The Forestry Commission Scotland contacted us enquiring about a First Aid at Work course to be held in-house for some of their staff.  They also asked if we could provide defibrillator training, and whether it would be possible to include this in their course.

We were indeed able to provide this training, with a long and thorough CPR session including defibrillator training planned into the course.  On further discussion, it became apparent that the staff that were to be attending the course were a mixture of office staff and forest rangers, with some of those being mountain bike rangers.  We suggested therefore that including some outdoor scenarios in the training would also be beneficial – and while it wouldn’t lead to an outdoor first aid qualification, it would be more relevant to the participants and therefore more valuable and memorable.

In the end, all this meant some big variations from the standard delivery of a First Aid at Work course, all of which was greatly appreciated by the participants on the course, who enjoyed the extra effort our trainer had gone to and the added value of including the defibrillator training at no extra cost.

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