Scottish Mental Health First Aid Course - 2 Days

Scottish Mental Health First Aid Course - 2 Days

Mental health first aid has been rigorously evaluated in Scotland. Participants reported a range of benefits to their own and others mental health.

People have given us many examples of the benefits of SMHFA.
Here are just a few:

  • A person who was considering suicide was helped and given time to reconsider. Afterwards they knew that they didn’t really want to die.
  • Someone with severe depression was helped to think about recovery and to find ways to help herself.
  • Participants on the courses have reported that their own mental health has improved after the course
  • After the training people say that they feel more confident about approaching a person who appears distressed.

We know that:

  • When we offer to help kindly and without judging or talking down to a person they often feel relieved and comforted.
  • When we listen without judging and without immediately trying to fix problems a person will often talk through the crisis and feel calmer and more able to get appropriate help.
  • When we understand the nature of mental health problems they are not so frightening.

You too can learn how to:

  • help in a crisis such as a panic attack or suicidal thoughts and feelings
  • ask questions that will help the person
  • listen without judgment and give the person space to talk about how they feel
  • give relevant information about help that is available.

Our courses meet the HSE standards for 'Due Diligence' for first aid providers.

Accreditations - The First Aid Training Co-operative is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation. You can reply on our quality assured systems for the appropriate training assessment and accreditation of your course. The Co-op is also a member of the Scottish First Aid Association and operative is insured through the Association of First Aiders, whom we are also members.

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