Emergency First Aid at Work – Aberdeen

Emergency First Aid at Work – Aberdeen


Aberdeen is know as the granite city and is dominated by both the University and the oil and gas industry. With a vibrant economy the city has a wide range of businesses which require staff training.

First Aid training is required by all  businesses, either a one-day Emergency First Aid at Work course or the three day First Aid at Work course. Training should be done on a regular business. All courses follow the nationally recognised syllabus set down by the European Resusitation Council and include training in how to use an AED.

The Health and Safety Executive asks businesses to carry out a First Aid Needs Assessment in order to decide what type of first aid course they need. For a FREE first aid needs assessment document you can visit our website. If you think you need help to complete you First Aid Needs Assessment we can help. Simply give us a call.

Emergency First Aid at Work courses can be run for your business at your venue or if you are a small business, individuals from your company can join one of our open courses.

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