Emergency First Aid at Work – Aviemore

Emergency First Aid at Work – Aviemore

Aviemore is a very popular winter and summer destination. At the heart of the Cairngorms National Park and relies on visitors for much of its economy.

First Aid training is required by all businesses. Either a one-day Emergency First Aid at Work course or the three day First Aid at Work course.

Aviemore is a popular tourist destination, over the summer months tens of thousands flock to the National Park whilst in the winter they go skiing, hiking, mountain biking or climbing. All tourism venues and associated service businesses (shops, hotels, restaurants) are also required to have qualified first aiders on site to deal with any accidents and incidents which may occur.

The Health and Safety Executive asks businesses to carry out a First Aid Needs Assessment in order to decide what type of first aid course they need. For a FREE first aid needs assessment document you can visit our website.

Emergency First Aid at Work courses can be run for your business at your venue or if you are a small business, individuals from your company can join one of our open courses.

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