First Aid Conference – updated speaker list

First Aid Conference – updated speaker list

First Aid conference 2019 will be held at RATHO, EICA in Edinburgh on March 8th 2019.

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Cadiac Science main conference sponsorsFirst Aid Conference – updated speaker list for 2019

Cardiac Science. Mac of Cardiac Science, will give us an update on the fact and figures around AEDs and their successful uses.

Acid Attacks. A talk from Jaf Shah from the Acid Survivors Trust International about the rise in the incidence of  acid attacks, their impact and  prevention are as important as their first aid treatment.

Act FAST for Stroke – but what happens next?  Stroke Association will be coming along to talk personal through some experience and lifestyle changes brought on by strokes which highlight the benefits of acting FAST.

Mental Health First Aid. Brian from Choose Life Training –  will be giving us updates on mental health first aid and plans for new Train the Trainer courses for the SMHFA 2 day course.

Epilepsy today and tomorrow. Nicola Milne from Epilepsy Scotland will be updating us with where we stand with current diagnosis and future treatments. Also a brief overview of the first aid treatment for epilepsy.

Role and function of FAAOP. What is the role and importance of First Aid Awarding Organisation Panel? How does its work link with HSE?

National Resilience Strategy & major incident management planning – How can first aiders support the first wave of paramedics to arrive on scene at a major incident? What can we teach our workplace first which will help pre-hospital care specialists?

Citizen Aid. The development and updates about this important program and its associated APP.

Paediatric First Aid training in Scotland – what’s the plan? Cory Jones from First Aid Training Co-operative will give a brief update on where the Scottish government and the care Inspectorate are on the subject of Paediatric First Aid in Scotland Childcare and Early Learning sector.