Become a First Aid Training Co-operative Licensee

Are you looking for a way of certificating the first aid training that you provide, either as a training business, or ‘in-house’ for your organisation? Are you looking for an alternative to the expensive and restrictive Awarding Organisations model? Becoming a First Aid Training Co-operative Licensee could be the solution you are looking for.

Existing Business Licensee

We truly believe in our co-operative model and the benefits that it can bring to existing businesses. However we also appreciate that full membership isn’t for everyone, and licensing allows you to profit from many of the benefits that membership offers, whilst also allowing for autonomy as a training business.

In-House Training Provider

For In-house training teams, the business benefits of being a member of the First Aid Training Co-operative may seem irrelevant. However the support and development opportunities of being a part of a larger group of trainers is often very appealing. Our licensing model provides this.

In either situation, if you need to training in becoming first aid trainers, and setting up your training organisation, we can provide that as part of the service. If you need support in developing your training team in order to deliver a larger range of courses, we can provide that too.

The specifics of each Licensing Agreement depend on the specifics of each Licensee. Download your free information pack below, have a read, and let’s schedule a call to discuss your situation further.

The benefits of becoming a Licensee:

  • Quality Training Resources – You’ll be provided with a suite of training resources, updated annually, and created to be as simple to use as possible. We’re striving to become a paper free training organisation, you’ll benefit from our efforts, and be able to brand them as your own.
  • Digital First Aid Manuals – You’ll provide your course participants with a copy of one of our suite of Digital First Aid Manuals. Each manual will save you printing and postage costs, and links to our catalogue of instructional videos and blog library.
  • Trainer Support and Development – You’ll have access to our Training Manager, be supported by our Quality Assurance process, and have free access to our CPD and standardisation events.
  • Centralised Course Accreditation – We deal with course accreditation nationally, removing all of the administrative burden or maintaining your centre’s accreditation.
  • Respected, Recognised Certification – We’ll produce approved & recognised First Aid Certificates on your behalf. We’ll also send them direct to your clients.
  • Administrative Support – We share the power of our Learning Management software with you, meaning you’ll benefit from our centrally administered, and almost paper free, service.

And most importantly:

  • Be trained in, and associated with high quality training – We prioritise quality, and we’ll support you in doing the same.
  • A Fair Cost for the services provided – we’re a co-operative business, the co-operative ethos guides everything we do.

Download Your Free Information Pack

To find out more about becoming a First Aid Training Cooperative Licensee, complete the form below to download our free information pack:

By sending this contact form you agree to opt in to being contacted by us about updates to First Aid regulations, relevant first aid events and other first aid related information that we hope you find interesting and useful.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

We’ve worked with many Awarding Organisations in the past, and continue to do so. However we have never been entirely satisfied with the service that is offered, and so have turned the usual model on its head.

  • Rather than asking you to enter all your course, and student information into an online system, we do all that for you.
  • Rather than sending you paper copies of manuals, which you then have to distribute, we send your students a link to download a copy of their Digital First Aid manual automatically.
  • Rather than sending you a pack of certificates to distribute to your clients in the post, we send a digital certificate directly to your clients on your behalf.
  • Rather than charging you for training courses and CPD opportunities, we provide these to our licensees for free.
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