Wanted –
Outdoor First Aid Trainers

First Aid Training Co-operative is a growing brand in Scotland and across the UK. We are looking for current or aspirant Outdoor First Aid trainers to join our team to deliver both EFAW and 2 Day Outdoor First Aid courses. 

Over the last couple of years, we have grown significantly, and with the addition of recent contracts we are now looking for additional trainers to join our training team.

The Co-op is Scotland’s largest provider of public outdoor first aid courses. We are a genuine Co-operative in name and legal structure, designed to help small first aid providers work together.  We do this by centralising all administrative processes and business systems, leaving trainers to simply train and assess our students to a very high standard, without having to put time and effort into course administration or client management. Our operations are as paperless as possible, and our clients appreciate our well-resourced, professional and skilful trainers.

As well as a generous day rate, we also pay our trainers’ expenses and operate a commission scheme for any course sales they generate. The Co-op currently has a ten strong trainer team, many with specialist skills – MRT, paramedic, forest schools’ practitioners, expedition leaders etc.  We also organise and run the biennial ‘First Aid Conference’, for the benefit of the First Aid training industry in Scotland and N. England.

Your experience


  • Hold a current FAW certificate and a relevant teaching & assessing qualification, as required by the HSE
  • Hold an outdoor leadership qualification of some sort eg ML, MTB leader etc
  • Evidence of teaching a minimum of 4 first aid courses 
  • Already own, or be willing to purchase, a full set of first aid training equipment which meet Co-op training requirements – i.e. 6 manikins and min. 3 AEDs training machines plus outdoor mats etc for scenario work. The Co-op can potentially lend trainers some of this equipment initially.


  • Observed or attended a 2 Day Outdoor First Aid course run by the Co-operative. Note we have a number of Outdoor First Aid courses running between now and the interview date you can come and observe.
  • To have worked with other national outdoor first aid brands – REC, ITC, BASP etc

Where we need trainers

We have demand for trainers across Scotland, but particularly those in or willing to travel to the Central Belt. We are also looking for trainers in the south east and west of England, and the Midlands.  A willingness and ability to travel to deliver courses will be an advantage.

How to join our trainer team

In the first instance please send the following information, before Noon on the 25th February, to Join@firstaidtrainingcooperative.co.uk:

  • A relevant CV,
  • Your FAW Certificate,
  • Teaching & Assessing qualification,
  • A covering letter detailing your experience, and telling us why you’d like to work with the Co-operative, and why we will enjoy working with you.

Successful applicants will be invited to attend a 1-day group interview at EICA Ratho near Edinburgh on Tuesday, March 5th.  

We will confirm whether your application was successful or not by Noon on the 26th February.  

Those who we chose to work with following the interview will need to agree to the following: 

  • Become an Associate Member of the Co-operative by signing our Member’s Agreement
  • Work to our SOPs with a freelance day rate of £165 plus all the usual expenses 
  • Teach a minimum of of 12 teaching days per year
  • Take part in our annual AGM which is also our standardisation day. Normally the second Saturday in March
  • Pay an annual  membership fee of £100 per year (this fee is waived for those attending our AGM)
  • Keep normal first aid trainer credentials up to date (I.E. FAW and CPD). We can give you access to annual CPD training and FAW courses, but the responsibility to stay up to date will continue to be yours
  • Have an annual review and Internal Quality Assurance visit from one of our senior trainers or from another trainer.

Interview process

The Co-op will be holding a 1-day interview at EICA Ratho near Edinburgh on Tuesday, March 5th

In preparation for this you will be sent a some pre reading and some videos to watch. These will prepare you for an intensive 1-day interview, in which full participation is essential. This will act as your introduction to our training & assessing methodology, administrative procedures, and brand. We will be asking you to deliver some sessions on the day, so be prepared to get involved.

Trainers who are successful on the day will then work with one of our senior trainers on an Outdoor First Aid course, demonstrating that you can work within the Co-operative’s teaching and assessment structure.  We expect that all trainers follow our lesson plans and adhere to our standardised scenario-based training system, ensuring that our students have a consistently high-quality learning experience.  After completing this and being successfully approved, you will be able to take on freelance training work with the Co-operative. 

Getting To EICA

EICA Ratho is only a few miles from Edinburgh Airport, and accommodation is easy to find near the venue.

Full travel details are at the foot of the EICA homepage