Free Casualty Monitoring Card & Outdoor First Aid Mini Course

If you enjoying playing in the outdoors or you working more remote environments then having some knowledge of outdoor or wilderness first aid is vital. You may have an accident yourself, your friend may have one or you might come across someone who is lying on the ground who has been there a while. If you are a group leader then first aid skills are vital and often a legal requirement.

This email series of newsletters is designed as a basic ‘introduction’ to how deal with an accident in a remote situation, it certainly does not replace going on an Outdoor First Aid course. However, it will give you a good introduction to outdoor first aid.

In this short series we have highlighted a few important topics –

  • ABC’s of remote first aid
  • Giving locations to the emergency services
  • Assessing head injuries
  • Lyme Disease
  • Hypothermia

The course is divided into five email newsletters which will be sent to you over the next week.  As a thank you for signing up to the course, the first email will include a downloadable casualty monitoring card!

Use the contact form below to sign up for the mini-series course and free casualty monitoring card


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