Mums and Dads First Aid courses

Mums and Dads First Aid courses

What would you do if your baby was choking?

How would you be able to tell?

What could you safely do to clear the blockage?

Mums and Dads first aid courses are relevant to all family members and those in charge of children. This course can be delivered in the comfort of your own home or local venue. For new Mums and Dads we can give you the confidence to deal with your baby if they fall on their head, stop breathing or choke. We will give you the skills to recognise your baby’s vital signs are normal or not and how to interpret changes in their vital signs.

The course content can be tailored to suit your particular requirements. However it usually includes:

  • Dealing with collapse
  • Child and infant CPR
  • Dealing with child and infant choking
  • Calling the emergency services
  • Common medical emergencies such as asthma and febrile convulsions.

This 3-hour course covers the Resuscitation Council guidelines. Click here to find out more about these courses. 

This week we are asking the Scottish government to change the law to make it compulsory for all Early Years and Childcare (ELC) Providers to have a member of staff on duty when children are present, or on visits, with a 12-hour Paediatric First Aid qualification.

Sign our 38 degrees petition asking Maree Todd, Scottish Minister for Childcare and Early Years to change the law.

What Can You Do?

We need your support to make this campaign a success and bring Scotland at least into line with the rest of the UK.  Please keep your eyes on our Facebook Page and Twitter Feed over the next few days, and share the campaign content around your friends, family and colleagues.

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Paediatric First Aid manual

Did you know you can purchase a digital Paediatric First Aid manual so you can see what to do in an first aid incident involving a child or infant on your phone or tablet?