Incident Respnse

NEW! Courses for dealing with terrorist incidents and mass casualty events

Would staff in your company know what to do if there were a major incident with mass casualties? What if there were a bomb blast, gunman shooting or knife attacker on the loose would everyone in your business know how to react? Aside from accidents and natural disasters, the Home Office says that the threat level to the United Kingdom from international terrorism is currently ‘Severe’. This means that a terrorist ‘attack is highly likely’. 

There are steps you can take to ensure that you and your colleagues know what to do in the event of a terrorist incident or mass casualty event. The First Aid Training Co-operative has been working hard to develop two new courses to add to our growing list of professional training that deals with these types of issues.

The courses have been developed in partnership with a practicing paramedic from the Scottish Ambulance Service Special Operations Response Team and is designed to be delivered to civilians within organisations or companies that could possibly find themselves in the midst of a critical incident.

Outlined below are the two versions of the training that we have developed.

Option 1 Introduction to Managing Major Incidents
(3 Hour Short Course)

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is a critical incident?
  • The golden hour principle
  • Types of incident – terror, bomb, chemical
  • Value of Citizen Aid
  • Pre-planning for a critical incident
  • Emergency Service response – how we can help them
  • Making a call for assistance
  • Basic principles of incident management
  • Basic life saving first aid for trauma (guns, bombs, knives)
  • Trauma first aid kit and its use
  • Introduction to multiple casualty management and triage
  • Dealing with Post Traumatic Stress

Option 2 Major Incident Management Training
(6 hour Full Day)

You will learn everything shown in option 1 above, plus:

  • Review of basic first aid skills – ABC SAP Help
  • How to manage amputations and catastrophic bleeding
  • How to manage ballistic and blast Injuries
  • Triage – assessing, treating and management multiple casualties
  • Take part in a simulated major incident and triage scenario
  • How to deal with the aftermath & debriefing
  • Importantly with this longer more practical version of the course our expert trainers will be on site the day before the course begins to speak to members of your Senior Management Team about the plan for the course.

The course gives an overview of how to manage a major incident in a large or high profile organisation. The training is both theoretical and practical. It takes the candidates through  dealing with major incidents and life saving trauma management. This is followed by a practical major multiple casualty incident which will test the learning. The scenario is based on real life incidents and to highlight key learning points and our experts will include a debrief on action taken during the scenario.

To find out more information on the Introduction to Managing Major Incidents click here, for Major Incident Management Training click here or to book a course call our office on 0333 4330731 or send us an email at [email protected]