Workshops on Head Injuries and Concussion Protocols Including Helmet Removal – November 25th 2017

Workshops on Head Injuries and Concussion Protocols

Our Director, Cory Jones, has recently run a workshop at the Institute of Outdoor Learning Scotland – Outdoor Learning and Adventure Conference 2017. The conference was held at Scottish Outdoor Education Centre’s, Belmont Centre near Perth on Saturday 25th November.

The workshop ‘Workshops on Head Injuries and Concussion Protocols’ was developed for outdoor instructors of a range of activities and was previously delivered for the British Association of International Mountain Leaders conference in Chamonix in 2016.

‘How do we know if clients should continue with an activity or be stopped if they have had a heavy bang to the head?’

Currently there is little guidance for outdoor instructors from any sector (skiing, cycling, biking, climbing, paddling) about how to recognise when a bang to the head is serious enough to stop an activity for a client.

Additionally, when working with adults they are often motivated to achieve a personal challenge so when you ask them how they are, they often lie and say they are alright, determined to continue, even if they are not!

The workshop was designed to teach the knowledge and practical skills to make real time safety decisions with head injuries such as:

  • How to recognise signs of concussion and monitor a casualty over time;
  • How to recognise signs of compression;
  • Which concussion protocols can be used in the outdoors?

Within the workshop there was also a practical demonstration on removal of activity helmets (open and full faced), which you can watch on YouTube here.

The workshop was well received and participants left feeling much more confident about dealing with head injury and concussion assessments. First Aid Training Co-operative also set up an area in the exhibition space of the conference to put up some of its marketing banners.

Overall the conference was a great success with eye on 100 delegates attending over the frosty weekend.

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