About Us

What Do We Do?

First Aid Training Co-operative is dedicated to providing high quality, accessible first aid training across the UK and Worldwide.

We help employers, community organisations, individual practitioners and trainers through our extensive range of public and private first aid courses and our trainer hub.
We provide the skills and confidence for First Aiders to deliver effective first aid in emergency situations, as well as develop new first aid trainers and support existing first aid training businesses.

Why choose us?

We are a FOFATO, JAUPT and AoFA accredited training provider with years of experience of delivering first aid training.

Our range of public and private first aid courses provide training in first aid for a number of specific sectors and specialisms. All delivered by our highly experienced, approachable and professional trainers, our public courses run in local venues across Scotland and northern England, while our private courses are tailored to a group’s needs and are run worldwide.

With outstanding client feedback and years of experience, we strive to make First Aid Training convenient, relevant and, most importantly, life-saving.  

Why A Co-operative?

As a co-operative we provide support with the administration and regulation that comes with being a self employed first aid trainer. We provide a centrally administered service, allowing trainers to do what they do best without the stress of background paperwork and business administration.  Find out how you and your business can benefit at our Join the Co-operative page.

Practitioners who wish to reap the benefits of becoming a first aid trainer can learn with First Aid Training Co-operative to become one of our highly skilled, professional trainers.

As a growing business we are always on the lookout for new, enthusiastic and inspiring trainers to join our ever-growing team. Our Become a Trainer page has lots more information.

As a company dedicated to the promotion of excellent first aid training and up-to-date first aid practices, we also host the First Aid Training Conference every 2 years for the benefit of the entire first aid training industry.

Contact Us

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Administrative Offices – Gairloch, Fife, Cumbria, Italy
Phone: 0333 4330731 / 07585 723763
Email: courses@firstaidtrainingcooperative.co.uk
Company Number: SC 503998
VAT Number: 215 759 004

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