About First Aid Training Co-operative

Our Mission

First Aid Training Co-operative’s mission, first and foremost, is to provide first aiders with the knowledge and confidence to save lives. We are dedicated to delivering first aid training to businesses, the voluntary sector and local authorities as well as individuals from all walks of life.

Why choose us?

First Aid Training Co-operative is an ISO 9001 certified organisation, and a member of both the Federation of First Aid Training Organisations and the Association of First Aiders. We are also JAUPT approved to deliver courses to professional drivers towards their Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). You can see our certification here.

We are proud to have provided high-quality training to over 12,000 people across the world, with over 95% of our students continuously rating us Very Good or Excellent.

Ethos and History

First Aid Training Co-operative is run by Cory and Tom, who previously ran two of Scotland’s largest outdoor first aid training businesses: Outdoor First Aid Limited and Collective Training Limited.

Tom and Cory both found out first hand the challenges faced by self-employed first aid trainers, including large amounts of administrative work, lack of opportunities to share practice with other trainers, and keeping up in an industry with ever increasing regulation and changing best practice.

They wanted to find a way to not only continue to deliver first class first aid training, but also to tackle some of these issues for first aid training businesses.

By converging their two businesses, First Aid Training Co-operative was formed, and now offers a centralised administration to relieve the administrative burden for First Aid Training businesses, as well as providing opportunity for trainers to share best practice and receive training themselves.

First Aid Training Co-operative’s ethos is that, as a first aid trainer and member of the Co-operative, you are free to grow your business as much as you like, work as much as you like and continue to benefit from new clients you bring to the Co-operative. It’s a mutually beneficial system.

Find out more about the nature of our Co-operative here: About us

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