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At the First Aid Training Co-operative, we want to help the first aid community.

One of the many ways we do this is by providing free online resources.

First Aid Blog

We regularly share advice and updates on our free first aid blog. Get inspired and learn about first aid here.

First Aid on Video

After you have been on your first aid course, or if you have not done a course for a while, your skills and knowledge will begin to fade.

Use the videos on our YouTube channel to keep your skills fresh and remind yourself what to do in a first aid emergency.

Free First Aid Chart

If you have a first aid emergency, it’s vitally important to take the right action – fast.
This clear, illustrated wall chart provides simple instructions on what to do in a variety of common situations – so you and your colleagues can give the most appropriate first aid immediately.
Why not download a free copy and stick it on the wall, or in your first aid kit? It could save lives.

    Free Casualty Monitoring Card

    If you need to look after a casualty over a period of time while you wait for the emergency services to arrive, it can be really helpful to monitor their vital signs whilst you are waiting.
    This simple to use Casualty Monitoring Card provides an easy format to follow in a stressful situation, ensuring that you record everything that you need to.
    It’s the same format that we use during practicals on our training courses, so we know it works!
    Why not download a free copy and put it in your first aid kit with a pencil? It could make a difficult situation a lot easier.

    Free Casualty Monitoring Form

      HSE ‘Due Diligence’ Questions Cheatsheet

      Since October 2013, the HSE has stopped issuing ‘training numbers’, to first aid training companies. This now means that any business which requires first aid training is required to carry out some basic due diligence to ensure that the training provider chosen is competent.

      Although the HSE cannot advise you on this, it has published a list of questions that you should be asking of any provider.

      To save you time, we have listed the questions below, along with answers, explaining how we satisfy each

        Risk Assessment Form

        A first aid workplace needs assessment helps you as a business manager to identify your needs in terms of first aid cover required for your business.

        This will influence the number of first aiders you will need, and the type of course they should be doing.

        Click below and complete form to download your free HSE Workplace First Aid Needs Assessment. We’re on hand to make sure you get it right.

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