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Welcome to our first aid shop. We’re often asked about the items we talk about on our courses and are pleased to be able to offer them to you directly from our supplier at great prices!

Your first aid hazard assessment will help you identify how many first aid kits etc you need, and where you need to locate them. Depending on the size of your premises and distance between areas it may be necessary to have more than one first aid container, or even one for each member of staff, especially if they work remotely or are responsible for groups.

The assessment will also determine the equipment required – remember this maybe different for each type of kit. e.g. sterile bandages of various sizes, triangular bandages which can be used to provide support to an injured arm or shoulder, sterile eye pads, individually wrapped sterile plasters, individual antiseptic wipes, disposable gloves, a basic first aid leaflet. You might also want to add more specialist items such as splints, or pressure bandages, depending on the hazards identified.

There is a £10 postal charge on any order of any size within the UK. Orders only shipped within the UK. (Please note this doesn’t apply to digital download items such as the First Aid Manuals)

How to order – Add items to your basket and order online.

We’ve compiled some of the most popular items below – there are plenty more though and you can search by category at the foot of the page! (Can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll see if we can source it for you!)

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