Digital First Aid Manuals – Paediatric First Aid 2021 Edition

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Digital First Aid Manuals – Paediatric First Aid

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First Aid Training Cooperative’s digital first aid manuals provide clear and concise first aid guidance.

Written by highly experienced first aid trainer Cory Jones with input from our other experts, our series of manuals provide a clear, straightforward guide to key first aid concepts, tailored to a range of specialist applications.

The manuals cover five different areas: First Aid at Work, Outdoor First Aid, Equestrian First Aid, Paediatric First Aid and First Aid for Fitness and Sports. In each, topics such as adult, child and infant CPR, adult, child and infant choking, assessing a casualty and the recovery position are covered, as well as issues specific to each topic.

They can be downloaded to your mobile device (approx 8MB file size, equivalent to 1-2 photos), so they are always close to hand when you need them. They also include links to videos demonstrating first aid techniques, and links to blogs with further information on specific illnesses and injuries.

Paediatric First Aid – £3.89

Paediatric First Aid is a unique first aid manual demonstrating techniques for children and infants.

The manual contains information on dealing with childcare, parenting and nursery first aid situations, and each page links to a Youtube video detailing instructions for basic first aid scenarios. Videos include – adult, child and infant CPR, adult, child and infant choking, accessing a casualty and putting them in the recovery position.

Issues dealt with also include dealing with child and adult illnesses (asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, anaphylaxis, heart attack, stroke), and managing spinal injuries. Where relevant the manual also contains links to blogs for further reading about injuries and illnesses.

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