Kay Patterson -Medi-K

The latest news from Medi-K founders, Kay and Ian Patterson

Medi-K and First Aid Training Co-operative started working together in July 2020. Six months on we thought you might like to hear how Kay and Ian are doing? To do that we are going to take you back 12 months to the start of the Covid pandemic to give some context.

As the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic hit the UK in March last year, all of Medi-K’s first aid courses were postponed as the first lockdown came into force. That provided the time and headspace for Kay and Ian to think about how best to take the business forward, and they contacted us at FATC to rekindle some discussions we’d had previously about Medi-K joining FATC as a member. The next few months to late July 2020 involved a lot of work to set everything up and the not insignificant task of transferring all business administration etc over to FATC.

Since then Kay has been using the newly found free time well – working full time within a local GP practice as an advanced clinical practitioner, supporting the GPs. In Kay’s own words this has been ‘challenging and very rewarding’. Kay has also started a Master’s degree in Advanced Clinical Practice to further develop her knowledge and skills as a paramedic.

Kay still finds time to ride twice a week with her daughter who has a pony on loan. Her menagerie of Valais sheep and 40+ chickens also mean her hands are pretty full alongside the academic work!

Since the summer of 2020 Ian has started his paramedic training. He is doing work placements with the local ambulance service and has now completed both his advanced driving and clinical training. As if all this wasn’t challenging enough, Ian was struck down with appendicitis and was hospitalised during the autumn! This curtailed his paramedic training for a while but is now appendix free and has restarted his course, catching up with the elements he missed.

Ian is now out on the road working with a paramedics, supporting them during the height of the pandemic. He says he is really enjoying being at the coalface and is learning lots.

We wish Kay and Ian all the very best as we go into 2021 and look forward to hearing where their adventures take them next!