First Aid Training for Community Organisations

Cost Effective Courses That Are Relevant To Your Situation

First Aid Training Co-operative strives to provide relevant, personalised and sector specific training to community organisations through our extensive range of private and public courses.

Our private courses are tailored to your needs and can take place either in your community venue or another venue of your choice. Our trainers have years of expertise in a wide spectrum of different courses and experience in delivering training for a variety of levels and specifications.  Wherever possible, we match our trainers to our clients.  This ensures that your course is delivered by someone who understands and can relate to your specific situation.

With courses specific to different activities such as sports first aid and paediatric first aid, our high quality training will provide you and your members with memorable, easily applicable and life-saving skills. Core course types are regularly tailored to individual clients’ requirements, these private courses can be arranged by contacting us directly.

Our public courses take place in local venues across Scotland, northern England, and beyond. We deliver our most widely in demand courses at convenient locations, including courses in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeenshire, Inverness, the Lake District, and many other locations.

Our public courses can be booked online and this may make the most sense if you have a small number of members requiring training.

Our courses include both theoretical training and lots of practical scenarios to make certain that participants feel knowledgeable, prepared and confident in providing effective first aid, both where they have a duty of care as part of their organisations’ activities, and in day to day life.

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