Top ten things to go in a first aid room or a sports first aid room?

Top ten things to go in a first aid room or a sports first aid room?

Top ten things to go in a first aid room or a sports first aid room?

What goes into a frist aid room?What is a first aid room?

A first aid or medical room is a room in a school, factory or sports venue to which someone who is ill or injured is taken. They can receive immediate first aid treatment and wait the arrival of professional emergency services.

Top ten things to go in a first aid room or a sports first aid room? At a sports ground a first aid room is a room dedicated to the provision of first aid to spectators, players and staff. Sports Grounds designated under the provisions of the Safety of Sports Grounds Order 2006 should have a first aid room that should be available for use at all specified activities. It would be recommended for events particularly where the attendance is likely to exceed 2,000 the recommended minimum size of the room is 15 m². Where the authorised capacity of the ground exceeds 15,000 this size should be increased to at least 25m².

Do you have a life saving defibrillator?
Each year, 60,000 people suffer cardiac arrest outside of hospitals. It can happen to anyone at any time and for each minute that passes without defibrillation, the chances of survival falls by up to 10%. A sports venues where people gather in large numbers as spectators management should ensure that defibrillators are provided at all events. The SFA and SYFA state that at all training events and matches a defibrillator should be on site and accessible.

First Aid SuppliesThe HSE First Aid at Work Regulation outlines information with regard to First Aid Rooms. A first aid room should:

  1. Include an examination or medical couch with waterproof protection and clean pillows and blankets, (a paper couch roll may be used that is changed between casualties), and a chair
  2. Have adequate heating, ventilation and lighting and be accessible and available at all times
  3. Be positioned near to access for transport to hospital
  4. Have a telephone and a notice displaying the names, telephone numbers and locations of First Aiders
  5. Have a sink with hot and cold running water
  6. Have drinking water with disposable cups
  7. Have soap and paper towels
  8. Include a store for first-aid materials
  9. Have foot-operated refuse containers, lined with disposable yellow clinical waste bags, or a container suitable for the safe disposal of clinical waste
  10. Include a record book for recording incidents attended by a first-aider or appointed person

It is important that a designated person is responsible for the regular inspection, cleanliness and maintenance of the first aid room.


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