Accredited to run SYFA Sports First Aid courses

Proud to announce accreditation to run SYFA Sports First Aid courses

What to do if someone has a cardiacarrest in the crowd?First Aid Training Co-operative is proud to announce the renewal of its accreditation to run the prestigious Scottish Youth Football Association Sports First Aid courses. These courses have been run through our founder member Outdoor First Aid Limited previously.

The SYFA Sports First Aid course is accredited for 3 years. This first aid course is practical and scenario based, this hands on approach is welcomed by course participants. Coaches can learn how to –

  • Deal with sprains and strains and make decisions about whether players should be kept on the pitch or taken off due to their injury
  • Life saving CPR for children and adults
  • Recognise and apply rules for concussion and knocks to the head
  • Gain a knowledge of common illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, anaphylaxis, epilepsy.

The length of this course has been extended to 16 hours, which is usually delivered over two consecutive days. The Co-operative can deliver courses for football clubs across Scotland. We have trainers available from the Borders to the Highlands.

To find out how to make a booking contact us on 0333 4330 731 (freephone) or by email on [email protected]