Organ Donor Registration

Organ Donor Registration

It was National Transplant Week last week (7-13 September 2015) which is a fantastic way to promote the idea that saving lives isn’t something that you necessarily have to be alive yourself to do.

The campaign has had two parts to it, one is to encourage people to sign up to being a donor, and the other is to encourage you to tell your friends and family that you have done so, at least annually.

This is an interesting approach and one that the NHS Blood and Transplant department feel is very important.  It made me think.  In my case, all of my family and close friends know that I am a first aider (and trainer), but very few of them would know for sure that I’m registered to donate, although I’m sure they’d assume that I am.

Is your situation the same do you think?  If you suspect it might be, then right now is a fantastic time to change that, and let the important people in your life know that you have a life saving state of mind.

For more information, to register as a donor, and to download some promotional material to help you out, visit the National Transplant Week website.7 days to say yes i donate

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