Professional development and business support for first aid trainers

First Aid Training Co-operative provides support for first aid trainers, at every stage of your training career.  Starting with training to become a first aid trainer, our week-long, intensive Trainer Induction Week equips you with everything you need to start your own first aid training company. Our trainers are some of the best in the business, and we invest our resources into trainer development to ensure that you reach that level too if you join the Co-operative as a new trainer.

As well as training new first aid trainers, we also support existing trainers as part of the Co-operative. The Co-operative offers a centralised administration to ease the burden of paperwork from trainers and provides opportunities to work with other experienced trainers, grow your business as part of our ever-growing company, and receive valuable support and guidance. Head over to our Trainer Hub for more information on becoming a trainer and joining the Co-operative.

We also help to support the greater first aid training industry by hosting the First Aid Conference every 2 years, providing valuable CPD, learning, and networking opportunities.