Is First Aid for Mums and Dads important?

Is First Aid for Mums and Dads important?

Could you give CPR to your baby? Would you know what to do if your child swallows a toxic substance such as bleach or eats some washing machine tabs? What if your child was choking on a sweet? Could you cope?

Is First Aid for Mums and Dads important? Of course.

A national study by has discovered that 7 in 10 parents admitted that they did not know how to help their child in a medical emergency. The results also showed that 72% of parents across the UK wouldn’t know how to assist an unconscious child, administer CPR, or attend to burns and scalds.

This data also links to a survey by the British Red Cross research has found that more than 40 per cent of parents who take their child to A&E, do so because they’re worried and don’t know what to do for their child or infant.

With some simple basic training mums and dads, teenage babysitters and grandparents could learn some life saving skills. Why not be your family’s super hero?


Four common myths of Paediatric First Aid?

  • “My granny used to put butter on my burns.” We have all heard that one before! These days the rules are simple: put a burn under running water (a tap) for at least 10 minutes, not 30 seconds. Burns don’t need creams. Read more on our BURNS BLOG.
  • “Make someone vomit who has swallowed a poison”. These days this has changed too. We now never inducing vomiting if a child has swallowed a toxic substance. Do not make the child sick as this can cause more damage to the throat. Get medical help immediately. Read more on our blog about child and household poisons.
  • “Tilt the child head backwards to stop a nose bleed”. Well, that one has changed too! These days the advice is to tip the head forwards, pinching the soft end of the nose, and releasing to check for bleeding every 10 minutes. A nose bleed should have stopped in 10 minutes, if it hasn’t, seek medical assistance.
  • “Teachers can’t use plasters on children”. Well of course they can! This one became such an urban myth, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prepared some guidance on the issue – Teachers and plasters.


We have prepared a series of videos for parents covering some emergency first aid problems. Feel free to take a look-


How to do Child CPR


How to do Infant CPR


Dealing with child or infant choking


Or, if you want to find out more about training courses for Mums and Dads, click here.