First Aid Course Reviews January 2019

First Aid Training Co-operative Reviews January 2019

Thank you to each of our students who took the time to complete their post course review & evaluation form. We are always happy to look through these and respond to any comments made.

Each month we post these (good and bad) in a blog, so you can get a sense of how we are performing in realtime.  Below is a sample of the comments and reviews from our first aid courses in January 2019.

What Did You Like About Your Course?

Stef and Ian were excellent.
I disliked first aid/courses but I enjoyed this one and feel more confident about first aid.
That is purely down to the excellent tutors – well done and thank you to them!

I liked how it was relaxed but very professional, no one was under any pressure at any time.

Stef was excellent, very engaging and prepared everyone for what was coming next. Enjoyed the progressive style of learning. Balance of practical and soft skills.

I found the structure and the delivery of the course was ideal for our group. There was plenty of opportunity to practice procedures and to revisit lessons, meaning that the course felt very thorough. With a mixture of power-point, Q and A, scenarios, and role-play, there was a good mixture of activity, and as a result the course was both engaging and dynamic, Our instructor Will was fantastic! He answered our questions with patience and understanding, and he offered help and encouragement when it was needed. His delivery was excellent, and kept us all very engaged in the course content. Thank you!

I liked the on going assessment rather than end of course assessment

Hands on and help available if needed

Excellent, engaging instructors. Very far from the dreaded death by power point first aid. Can not reccomend Sam enough.

I really liked the balance between theory and practice – including plenty of outdoor practice opportunities with real scenarios. But most of all I liked the communication and delivery style of the trainers – everything was explained clearly and concisely, but with a touch of humour, and the approach was rigorous, but at the same time friendly and encouraging.

Depth of subject matter was greater than other courses at the same level. I felt I learned a lot more new information here.

I enjoyed how relaxed it was, there was no pressure for tasks or things that we had to do. I learned at lot in a few days and would reccomend it to anyone. The instructors were fab and cannot thank them enough for their time.

Felt empowered and more confident/knowledgeable that I would be able to adapt and carry out first aid skills in an emergency situation at work and in everyday life.

Very good course tailored for our situation and delivered extremely well.

Stef the First Aid Trainer was great & explained everything

Flexible approach re daily business needs, ie I am very grateful the tutor arranged for a break at a time so that I could go and partake in a work conference call for 30 min.

Continuous assessment rather than marked test at the end. Range of topics covered. Practical sessions.

The trainer was really enthusiastic which helped with my learning experience.

Everything was taught in a relaxed let efficient and comprehensive way.

The practical approach to learning.

The practical aspect of it and how empowering it was!

Hands on learning was extremely beneficial to me

What Could We Improve About Our Courses?

Appreciate you’re time bounded, but even out the pace a little. – Thanks for this feedback, it’s helpful.  There is a lot to fit into 2 Day Outdoor First Aid courses, so we have to keep the pace fairly high, but will certainly try and keep it more consistent. 

Very good course tailored for our situation and delivered very well – I wouldn’t get stressed about how to improve too much as I think it’s pretty much ideal. – Great, thanks!

Course was amazing. – Good to hear! 

More outdoor – More Outdoors time would always be good! We’d recommend that you try a full 2 Day course next time, that way there is lots of time spent practicing scenarios outside.

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