Shinty First Aid

First Aid For Shinty Injuries

Shinty is a fast game with balls reaching high speeds. With the use of shoulder tackles, and players swinging camans, injuries are not uncommon. Many injuries are minor and can be dealt with pitchside by a qualified first aider. Shinty clubs have a legal duty of care responsibility to provide adequate first aid and either deal with injuries pitchside or make a safe and informed decision on whether a player can play on or if they should seek medical attention from a doctor or hospital?

Is your Shinty club confident enough to make those kinds of decisions?

Did you know that we offer first aid courses specially designed for sports such as Shinty?

Our First Aid for Sports Courses are designed specifically for the kind of injuries encountered on the field. The courses include an outdoor component to ensure the extra risks and first aid requirements likely to be encountered in outdoor activity have been thoroughly addressed.

Our courses are taught by qualified trainers and are specifically designed as Sports specific First Aid. The instruction is scenario based and covers leg injury, head and spinal injury management plus CPR for adults and children.

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Pitchside First Aid – 4 Hours

First Aid For Sports – 7 Hours

First Aid For Sports – 16 Hours