First Aid training Kenya

Wilderness First Aid training Kenya 2016

Cory Jones Director of Outdoor First Aid Limited and First Aid Training Co-operative has recently returned from three weeks training in Kenya.

Over 100 candidates took part in courses across Kenya. Course feedback has been positive. Many of the candidates on courses said that the training was useful for their work, but also to take back to their communities and to show other people life saving skills.

“Every year we run courses in Kenya and I am overwhelmed by the friendliness of the people who come on our first aid courses. People are so positive about the practical training we run”, said Cory.

Already the Co-operative office has received an email from one of the candidates on a Wilderness First Aid course we ran in April stating that they were involved in an incident that required the use of the skills they had just been taught. The individual stopped and helped at the site of a road traffic accident and judging by what happened they probably saved lives at the scene.

The courses delivered in Kenya are really focused on what is likely to happen in the bush away from help. As well as standard first aid skills participants spend a lot of time discussing accident management, infection control and evacuation procedures. These are all life saving skills.

Sample of course feedback

Really active and hands on

Very informative – we really learnt a lot today

Professionally executed, targeted to specific environments and good pace of training

Excellent and enthusiastic teacher. Maintaining good momentum and ambience throughout

Instructor was very knowledgeable and recognised when we needed a break or change of pace. Adapted to specific situations.

Active and relevant

A very practical course. Great structure and progression throughout. Fantastic!

The simplicity in how the training broke down complex things to make them easy.

Hands on, relevant, practical. Smiley face.

Cory made it personal to us and our work. He was personable and patient.

Practical scenarios helped to consolidate learning and correct mistakes

Extensive information and practical

The trainer- Cory was great and should always come back – Kenya’s Ambassador for First Aid training

Fun and very practical.

Courses for Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association at Kenya Wildlife Service HQ, Wildebeest Eco Lodge, Tassia Lodge and Kenton College.