Free digital first aid manual for every course participant

Free digital first aid manual for every course participant

Updated, March 2021.

FREE digital first aid manual for every course participant. First Aid Training Co-operative first published our range of high quality digital first aid manuals in 2016 and these have now been updated and republished for 2021. Each of these manuals provides clear, simple, concise guidance on what to do in a wide range of first aid accidents and incidents. Each manual is around 50 – 60 pages long and contains all the latest first aid advice and information.

A sector-relevant digital manual is given FREE of charge to every participant on our first aid courses.  However, you can also buy any of  the other Digital First Aid manuals from our website, each for under £4.

A digital manual is much more useful than trying to find that old paper copy on the shelf!  It can be downloaded to your mobile or desktop device (with a file size of less than 8MB, equivalent to 1-2 photos), so they are always close to hand when you need them. Pages within the manual include links to the relevant videos demonstrating first aid techniques on our YouTube channel, plus additional links to blogs with further information on specific illnesses and injuries. The manuals are written in line with the latest advice from NHS, HSE and European Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2021. 

This includes the latest updated advice for Burn treatment, Tourniquet application, Chest Injuries, and much more!

The manuals were written with two things in mind – a more useable, useful first aid manual in your pocket when you need it (rather than on a bookshelf at home) – and, to aid the skill retention of our students; each manual follows the structure of the course and links to videos that show the same course demos – bringing it all back to the front of your mind!

Written by highly experienced first aid trainer Cory Jones and other experts from our team, the series of manuals provide a clear, straightforward guide to key first aid concepts, tailored to a range of specialist applications.

The manuals cover five different areas:

  • First Aid At Work
  • Outdoor First Aid
  • Paediatric First Aid
  • Sports First Aid
  • Equestrian First Aid

In each, generic topics such as CPR, choking, bleeding management, assessing a casualty and the recovery position are covered. Issues specific to each manual topic are dealt with in more detail such as environmental issues in the Outdoor First Aid manual, febrile convulsions in the Paediatric manual, and horse bites and kicks in the Equestrian manual. 

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