Remove Stuck Ring

How Do I Remove A Stuck Ring?

Have you ever had a stuck ring that will just not come off? Perhaps you have already tried water and washing up liquid, Vaseline and even elevating your arm above your head for a few minutes – and it still wont budge! Maybe you have injured or burnt the finger and need to get the ring off fast, especially if your finger is likely to swell up.

If a ring is stuck there is a way to pull it off with relatively little problems. Follow these steps for ring removal in an emergency.

  1. Pass an end of fine string or dental floss under the ring. You may need to use a paperclip to help you to slide the string under and through the ring.
  2. With the other end, begin tightly wrapping the string around the finger.
  3. Ensure that the string is wrapped evenly and smoothly past the lower knuckle.
  4. With the end that was passed under the ring, begin unwrapping the string in the same direction.
  5. The ring should move over the string, as the string is unwrapped.

If the ring cannot be removed, unwrap the string and immediately seek urgent care.

Instructions for removing a stuck ring