How do I set up a Driver CPC training centre?

You must get approval to run Driver CPC training courses. First, you must apply for approval for your training centre, which lasts 5 years. Second, you must apply for approval for each course you will run, which lasts one year.

Once these are completed, you can run a Driver CPC training centre. However, you will be monitored to ensure compliance, with course and centre audits being regularly conducted by JAUPT.

How to apply for Driver CPC centre approval

  1. Complete a centre approval application form
  2. Create a ‘scheme of control’, which specifies how you will provide high-quality training. You can download a template here and see an example document here.
  3. Complete or create any supporting documents to evidence the claims in your ‘scheme of control’
  4. Pay a fee of £1,500 to submit your application

How to apply for Driver CPC course approval

  1. Complete a course approval form
  2. Write a course summary. You can see an example here.
  3. Provide information about your trainers, qualifications and experience
  4. Pay a fee of £36 per hour of course length

Adding emergency first aid to your training centre course portfolio

Rather than approving your own course, allow us to deliver ‘professional driver’ specific emergency first aid courses on your behalf. Whether its LGV’s or PCV’s our trainers are experts in running contextualised training at any business venue. 

The Co-op has a team of trainers who can work from your venue to deliver a 7-hour JAUPT approved Professional Driver (CPC) emergency first aid course. We make it easy by uploading qualification details to the DSA database within five working days of course completion.

Driver CPC Logo
We’re approved by JAUPT.

Our Emergency first aid course teaches drivers to be able to manage roadside accidents and administer emergency first aid at the roadside.  This course is run to HSE guidelines with fully qualified and experienced first aid trainers. Our approved courses were developed around the Driver CPC syllabus and with our customers and are fully approved by JAUPT (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training). 

Why not add a 7-hour emergency first aid course to your portfolio of other drivers courses and let us run them for you at your venue. Our job is to make your life easy – get in contact to find out more.

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