How Often Should I Renew First Aid Training?

In this short video, Tom answers one of our most commonly asked questions – “How Often Should I Renew First Aid Training?”.

In summary, most first aiders should complete refresher training every three years. This will help first-aiders maintain their basic skills, stay up to dater with legal changes and retain their confidence to act in an emergency.

However, there are exceptions:

  • If you are in a specialist sector, such as dentistry, you should renew each year – please check with your industry body or relevant government entity for further details.
  • If you operate in a high risk environment, regular renewals demonstrate your companies commitment to best practice. You may wish to renew more regularly in this circumstance.


Hi my name’s Tom Durham from and today I’m going to answer one of the most commonly asked questions that we receive in our office and that is how often do I have to renew my first-aid qualification.

The simple answer to that is every three years for most people, in most sectors.

Some people in some sectors will have to renew every year – an example of that would be dentists.

They [dentists] have to repeat their first aid certificate every year but for most of us say three years is sufficient.

You might wish to demonstrate best practice if you work in a particularly high hazard environment and you might wish to renew a course more often than every three years and certainly some of our clients do that, refreshing every two years but as I say for most people three years is sufficient.