Meet The Team – Ali Cameron

Meet The Team – Ali Cameron

Our meet the team series – Ali Cameron

 “The best first aid trainers in the business - Ali Cameron”“The best first aid trainers in the business - Ali Cameron”

Hello again to participants of previous courses I’ve run (It’s me “the wee fat bald guy”) and to any prospective participants of future courses, I look forward to meeting you. I’ve been asked to do a wee biography for a blog so here goes.

I’ve had various jobs from manufacturing and retail to forestry but it wasn’t until I became an outdoor activities instructor that I found I had a skill for coaching and got a great deal of enjoyment out of it too. After about five years of fulltime outdoor pursuits I went freelance to attend college and gained an HND in sports coaching. This allowed me to turn a hobby into a small business by running Cameron’s School of Martial Arts (more about that later)

Over the years I’ve been on numerous first aid courses, with various providers, and that was how I first met Cory Jones. I thoroughly enjoyed his approach to teaching first aid and found it far superior to other providers and therefore made enquiries about becoming a trainer. This lead to me attending a course in teaching and gained a PTTLS level 4, which was a prerequisite to teaching first aid. I then had to shadow a number of courses and be observed teaching before being approved as a trainer.

Shortly after this Cory and Tom established First aid Training Co-operative and I became their first trainer. Now, nearly four years later, I continue to enjoy teaching a variety of courses. Going by the feedback I’ve received over the years I guess the courses I run could be summed up in two words “Relaxed and Fun” I find the layered way the courses are run makes the learning easier and memory retention longer and nobody thrives in a tense and stressful environment. (That goes for the trainer too.)

As previously mentioned I was able to turn a hobby into a small business. I had been training in Kempo jujitsu to 2nd Dan and Tang Soo Do to 1st Dan and decided to set up Cameron’s School of Martial Arts incorporating both disciplines. The 27th of October 2018 saw us celebrating our 7th anniversary of opening our first class in Ullapool and now have classes in Gairloch, Scourie and Maryburgh too, and I now hold the grade of 4th Dan in Kempo Jujitsu. Martial arts has something for everyone, from those wanting to learn self defence to those that want to get more active and fitter to those that benefit from the social interaction. If you or members of your family would be interested in taking it up you can find us on Facebook.

When I’m not teaching first aid or coaching martial arts I get out on the hills as often as I can. In July I finally completed all the Munros by ascending the Inaccessible Pinnacle.

I’m usually accompanied on the hill by Mac, our wee rescue dog, who is a mad wee Staffy terrier.

I also enjoy Pyrography and over the years have done many commissions for satisfied customers. If you are looking for an original gift idea you can find Pet Portraits and Pyrography by Ali Cameron on Facebook.

I must say I count myself very, very fortunate to be able to say that I’m in a position where I thoroughly enjoy my work and quite often can combine my passion for hill walking enroute to my classes.

That sums me up, some might say a nutcase in a nut shell. Take care and all the best.

About The Author

Cory Jones

Cory is a graduate of the prestigious WEMSI school (Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician), and a qualified teached with a masters degree in Environmental Management. He has lead expeditions worldwide (currently an International Mountain Leader) and is a director of Outdoor First Aid Limited. Cory Jones has worked in the outdoor industry for over 30 years. He first ran first aid training courses for the Red Cross in 2001. Cory has been a provider for SQA, ITC, REC, Highfield, Open College Network over the years. In 2008 Cory set up First Aid Academy in the Lancashire area and won the ‘New Business of the Year 2008 Award’. By 2010 he was running nearly 250 first aid training courses a year. Today, Cory is a director of Outdoor First Aid Limited as well as being a founder of the First Aid Training Co-operative.