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Advanced outdoor first aid for expedition leaders

Advanced outdoor first aid for expedition leaders is a course designed for outdoor instructors, expedition leaders, GAP students, explorers and general travellers who are heading abroad to more remote places. Many of those who attend the course are running expeditions for schools for organisations like World Challenge who require their leaders to have an Advanced First Aid certificate rather than just a 2 day Outdoor First Aid course.  Some organisations will use terms like Expedition First Aid, Remote First Aid,  Wilderness First Aid or Far from Help First Aid courses.

A 2 day outdoor first aid course is ideal for those who are going to be working within the UK where the availability of emergency response organisations (Mountain Rescue Teams, Coastguard and RNLI) is good. However, in more remote places where health care and support is less available the first aider may be expected to look after a casualty for days rather than hours more knowledge is incredibly useful.

Our advanced outdoor first aid course is 3 days long and builds on the 2 day outdoor first aid course to develop the next level of care required if you are far from help. It also looks at improvised techniques for treatment as you are unlikely to have all the first aid equipment you need with you.

Who runs these courses? – Out Advanced First Aid courses are led by our senior trainer Steve Welsh. Steve is our pre-hospital care expert and as well as his responsibilities for the First Aid Training Co-operative, is responsible for training the Scottish Ambulance Service’s Special Operations Response Team.  He is also a swift water & flood rescue trainer and is responsible for setting up this training for the emergency services nationally.

When he’s not saving lives or training others to do so, he’s a keen kayaker and skier, so is invariably to be found somewhere wet or cold!

Specialist knowlege of overseas context – Our Director Cory Jones has worked in Kenya for the past 10 years running Advanced First Aid and Trauma Management courses for a range of safari and mountaineering clients. These include Mt Kenya Mountain Rescue Team, Kenya Wildlife Service, David Sheldrake Foundation to name a few. Cory was the co-founder of Adventure First Aid , Kenya.

Advanced first aid for expedition leaders course content?

This can be adapted depending on your expedition focus – altitude, desert, cold, or jungle:

  • Remit of instruction / Medical indemnity / Medications Act / Confidentiality
  • Record keeping and how to present yourself (perception of skill level)
  • Casualty assessment / taking a history / physical examination
  • Lecture on remote medical assistance & communication systems
  • Wound assessment 
  • Burns and blisters
  • Trauma – dealing with fractures (femur splinting) and dislocations in the field
  • Wound cleaning practical
  • Steri-strips & suturing
  • Use of tourniquets
  • Pain management
  • Hygiene and Gastrointestinal problems
  • Hydration / fluid replacement
  • Prevention of illness
  • Tropical diseases (Mosquitos, worms, flies, etc)


The content of this course is matched with the IOL Statement of Good Practice on Outdoor First Aid at Band 4 and equivalent to REC level 4.

There are a number of options for joining out Advanced Outdoor First Aid courses. You can simply book onto the whole of the 3 day course or if you have been on one of our Outdoor First Aid courses within the last 12 months you need only attend the final day course to gain your certification.

Contact us to find out dates for our Advanced First Aid courses or if you would like to book a private course for your expedition team. Email us at [email protected] or phone on 07585 723763.