First Aid Course Reviews April 2019

First Aid Training Co-operative Course Reviews April 2019

Thank you to each of our students who took the time to complete their post course review & evaluation form. We are always happy to look through these and respond to any comments made.

Each month we post these (good and bad) in a blog, so you can get a sense of how we are performing in realtime. Below is a sample of the comments and first aid course reviews from April 2019.

What Did You Like About Your Course?

  • The course was very well adapted our situation (i.e. nature conservation work)
  • Trainer was very knowledgeable, there was good pace to the day. Ive been on several First Aid courses over my career but this was the best.
  • I thought the course, was very informative, fun, expertly delivered and thought provoking.
  • I liked the practical nature of the course, the trainers were both experienced in relevant outdoor activities and the scenarios were targeted to our Club needs and individual interests.
  • Everything 
  • Anne’s knowledge of first aid as it relates to the outdoor experience was perfect for us
  • Anne’s knowledge of first aid as it relates to the outdoor experience was perfect for us
  • Paced  well with plenty of time for appropriate questions and discussion.
  • Great weather 😉
  • Leaders knowledge of the subject matter and method of delivery including practice and feedback sessions.
  • Assessment throughout the course works well. It works better than a test at the end.
  • Assessment throughout the course works well. It works better than a test at the end.
  • The trainer made all the difference, she was just great! The content is what it is but she made it memorable and fun (if that’s appropriate for first aid?!) 
  • Trainer and the skills I left the course with.
  • Instructor was amazing!
  • Relevant content with lots of practical exercises made the course enjoyable. Everything was clearly explained, and questions answered well.
  • I liked the drilling technique of learning. By learning small peices at a time which are repeated and built upon to form a more complex procedure really appealed to my way of learning.

What Did You Think We Could Improve?

  • More time to discuss specific situations. –Thanks for this comment. It is indeed tricky to fit in all of the content and discuss specifics for each individual, particularly for a large group. Our Trainers are always available for discussion at break times etc if you would like to chat something through in more detail.
  • The training experience was excellent as a majority of the candidates had prior experience, making the discussions and stories very interesting.
  • There were lots of people on the course who had done several previous courses (incl myself). At times I felt the instructors had to fend off a lot of questions along the line of ‘oh but on my last my course it was this way…’ or ‘has that changed then?’ etc. I thought this impacted the pace at times but the guys did an admirable job handling it. Perhaps it’s just worth mentioning at the start that it’s recognised that people may have done previous courses, it’s possible some things have changed and that everything they are teaching is the most current advice – it’s possible you’ve learned something different in the past but this is what we’re teaching now.
  • Perhaps effective management of the know it alls – maybe something in the course joining instructions to suggest only meaningful contribution and not test the patience or understanding of the course leaders. – All of the above comments came from the same course, showing how different people’s perception of a situation is. We try our best to manage everyone’s needs and facilitate discussion where it is relevant, although sometimes there simply isn’t time to get into the detail of an individual situation. We’re always happy to chat outwit the standard course time though.
  • The other thing is that we paired off with a partner for the 2 days to practice but we were pretty much always with the same person. I got on very well with my new friend but I think from a learning perspective it’s better to work with someone different each time. – Thanks, that’s helpful feedback. We do try to mix people up and will try and improve on that next time.
  • Little bit more of the basic 1st aid. People with 0 knowledge of the subject might attend this course. – Thanks, again helpful feedback. Unless otherwise stated, all of our courses are suitable for people with no prior experience, and we try to always ‘start at the beginning’
  • I don’t think any improvements could be made. – Excellent!
  • The only thing I would add is that the experience of being a casualty while everyone is practicing is indicative of what a real casualty may be experiencing. Lots of noise, hard to hear first aider, not knowing what is happening. This is a very minor suggestion as I felt that the standard of the course was already outstanding. It’s just something that I noticed personally. Great feedback and really good to hear. We hope that the practical scenarios are as experiential as possible and it seems that yours were!

About The Author

Tom Durham

Tom has 10 years of experience as a first aid trainer / assessor and over 20 years experience of outdoor sports instruction and coaching internationally. Prior to becoming a founder of the First Aid Training Co-operative, Tom grew a successful business delivering predominantly outdoor / remote first aid courses across Scotland, using his experience to help others in the outdoor industry improve their skills. Tom is a graduate of the Rural Leadership Programme and also runs a mountain bike trail design consultancy. He continues to work internationally, dividing his time between Scotland and the Italian Alps.