First Aid Course Reviews February 2019

Thank you to each of our students who took the time to complete their post course review & evaluation form. We are always happy to look through these and respond to any comments made.

Each month we post these (good and bad) in a blog, so you can get a sense of how we are performing in realtime.  Below is a sample of the comments and first aid course reviews from February 2019.

What Did You Like About Your Course?

  • Ann was very thorough and gave us a lot of detailed information in a way that was easy to retain and use. She was very friendly and we all enjoyed her tuition.
    The instructor made the day.  There was a lot to learn but his structure and procedure ensured we had time to ask questions, practice and repeat.
    The variety of situations. Especially liked where different types of helmets/ head protection had to be removed.
    The trainer was fantastic and very personable. 
    Very knowledgeable and entertaining instructor.  The course content was sufficient for our needs whilst not being overwhelming
    The only thing we didn’t cover was in the event of a nut allergy. I am allergic to nuts and I think this is quite common so it would be good to know what to do in a situation like that. Ie to use an epi pen (EFAW course)
    It was a very comprehensive and informative course with the right amount of practical exercises. 
    We went over things, over and over again, so it sticks on through repetition.
    The course leader was friendly and approchable. The repetitive nature of the practical activities helped to reinforce the core messages without becoming dry – in fact the course was entertaining and informative throughout. I strongly feel that I will retain the information far better following this First Aid training than with others I have attended in the past.
    Excellent trainer!
    ali cameron made the first if course the best course I’ve done in 8 years
    I liked that we built up the practice of how to help someone i.e. adding a step each time – it helps it stick in the memory.  I also liked that the scenario changed and we were presented with casualties in different
    The instructor ( A.C.)was friendly but challenged us. Scenarios demonstrated our needs to improve certain areas but assessment was not threatening and errors were corrected with an appropriate balance of gravity and humour so no-one felt dejected.
    Being career served and continuing with my outdoor sporting interests, I have been on many First Aid courses and this was without question the best one ever. Very relevant and suitably paced from start to finish, the course was presented with enthusiasm and was always interesting. 
    Relevant, cheerful, well focused
    The course was very thorough and gave us enough time to practice the different first aid methods. There was also the opportunity to draw on experiences and needs of the different people on the course to adapt it so everyone got the most out of it. Ali was an amazing trainer – very patient, understanding, but testing us enough to ensure we understood everything and what to do in a first aid situation. Best first aid course I have ever been on!
    Adapting the teaching methods to suit our particular sport and the environments we would likely be in 
    Knowledgeable, enthusiastic and fun tutors, relevant scenarios
    Multiple rehearsals of first aid scenarios, and discussion afterwards
    Real life first aid. Engaging, interesting and informative. Thank you.
    Very engaging teacher and lots of repetition of processes required.  Outdoor focus.
    I liked the repetitive nature of the course.
    I he.was very professional and new his stuff
    Kept simple and to the point with repeated  opportunities to practice and build on each step 
    Found the trainer Stef to be very engaging, and I really enjoyed the structure of the course. I have already been on your site to look at other courses available. 
    It was practical, the trainer was very experienced – both in the subject and in training. It was friendly and fun.
    The pace was great – got through a huge amount of stuff without feeling rushed.  The trainer developed an excellent rapport with the group and was very willing to answer questions.
    Very hands on – make learning easier.
    It was very useful
    It covered the essential needs of first aid in the outdoors, and has given me the confidence to take on my cycle leaders role knowing I am equipped with the knowledge to help someone if required. It will even support day to day needs,  should anyone need help. 
    The instructor was friendly and approachable. The teaching style made sure I felt confident with all new skills by the end of the course.
    The format of demonstration by trainers followed by us trying it out. There was much laughter and enjoyment which created a positive learning environment.
    all of it,the trainer was brilliant
    Excellent content and very good instructor.
    The course provide everything I was looking for and it was delivered in a fun and interactive way.  I can’t praise the course leader enough.
    lots of hands on practical experience which should stand us in very good stead should a situation ocurr.lots of hands on practical experience which should stand us in very good stead should a situation ocurr.

What Could We Improve About Our Courses?

  • Start earlier and therefore finish earlier

This is a difficult request for us to satisfy unfortunately as we have to go with the what the majority of our clients prefer.

  • On day 2, we did our practice before lunch. Some activity mid afternoon would be helpful – I found the chalk and talk in the afternoon made me a wee bit sleepy. I do understand that there is a lot of information to impart and programming course content can be difficult.

This is worrying feedback which was followed up with the instructor concerned.  It transpired that the outdoor session did indeed happen after lunch, but following afternoon break there was more discursive sessions than would normally occur due to some unexpected situations earlier in the course.

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