Meet The Team – Ann McKillop

Meet The Team – Ann McKillop

Our meet the team series – Ann McKillop

I joined the Co-operative after taking early retirement in 2017. I had previously done some first aid instruction as part of my job. I decided to return to it as it gives me the flexibility to work when I want and keeps me in touch with people. I’ve really enjoyed my time so far and especially meeting a great range of people doing amazing things for their communities and the environment.

Ann on her drums

I also like the fact that I travel around different parts of the country and have started a Facebook folder called ‘my workplace today’ just to wind up my pals!  It really shows off the great variety in landscapes, architecture and habitats where I’m running courses.

I’m also enjoying expanding my first aid knowledge and that’s what I value in the Co-operative – a great team with different backgrounds, knowledge and expertise that is easily shared between us all. You never feel you’re working on your own and the Co-operative team make you feel supported and encouraged to expand the range of courses you deliver.

Having grown up in Australia, I always have a wee giggle when I start the session on dangerous animals and plants in Scotland. However, my experience in both countries has shown how first aid approaches to snakes and jellyfish, for example, have changed over the decades – and are regionally specific. Every day is a school day and it’s important to challenge the urban myths about treatments. All those difficult questions asked at courses lead you down another route to expanding your knowledge and understanding.

Ann on her yacht

Being part of a true Co-operative is also a great way to run a small business. I couldn’t imagine running the whole shooting match on my own. The back room team at the Co-operative are so efficient and supportive and the internal quality control measures keep you on your toes. We really do strive to be the best and deliver a fun and challenging course.

Outside first aid, I am busy doing the same things I was involved with before I took early retirement. Everything I did before started with a ‘b’ – basketmaking, badger surveying and brass band percussion. It was a natural progression to take up bandages! The only exception to this ‘b’ rule is that I’m currently learning gaelic. I’m always busy, never bored!