Paediatric First Aid Training Nursery Staff

What type of first aid training do nurseries and childcare providers need?

In an updated version of their guidance on The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981. the Health and Safety Executive have produced some guidance on what type of first aid provision should be in place for nurseries and childcare providers.  Every employer or manager should carry out a first aid needs assessment for their business to work out what type of first aid provision they require to take care of staff, children and adult visitors. The HSE have included the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance for settings in England as can be seen below.


Below is a list with links to our Paediatric First Aid training courses that comply with the standards set by the HSE.

Types of course available –
12 hour (2 day) Paediatric First Aid – course content
6 hour (1 day) Emergency First Aid – course content
3 hour Refresher Paediatric First Aid – course content

The 12 hour Paediatric First Aid course is seen as the ‘standard’ first aid course for childcare across the rest of the UK, but not in Scotland. The 12 hour training includes time to cover infant and child specific issues around CPR, asthma, febrile convulsions, recognition of meningitis and more. None of these are included on a standard Emergency First Aid at Work course and so we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that any childcare provider considering a first aid qualification book the 12 hour course. You can read more about the reasons why it is so important here: Why is a 12 hour course recommended?

If you have any first aid training requirements, please do  Please feel free to contact our office (normal office hours) on 0333 4330 731 if we can help you in any way.