Advanced Outdoor First Aid

Advanced Outdoor First Aid Course

Advanced Outdoor First Aid course at RATHO, Edinburgh September 29-October1st.

First Aid Training Co-operative Director Cory Jones will be holding a rarely available Advanced Outdoor First Aid course at RATHO on September 29th -October 1st.

Day 1 and Day 2 are the standard Outdoor First Aid course content and Day 3 (1st October) is the advanced skills day.

The advanced section of the training covers:

  • extended information about wound cleaning and management including hygiene in developing world context, dealing with road traffic incidents
  • dealing with gunshot and knife wounds
  • alternative means of wound closure
  • relocation of dislocations ( focus on shoulder, finger and patella)
  • ankle fracture diagnosis
  • ankle strapping
  • lower leg improvised splints (advanced)
  • improvised femur splints
  • improvised pelvic splints
  • chest seals
  • basics of casualty packaging
  • improvised stretchers
  • illness recognition and management
  • staying healthy overseas
  • lots of multiple casualty scenarios
  • triage scenarios
  • managing multiple casualty scenarios and debriefs

We can also cover: altitude, tropical illness and or cold injury if required by any attendees. Please inform us in advance.

To book on the course follow this link

Please note: if you have attended an Outdoor First Aid course in the last 12 months and would like to attend on the third day only – please contact Lorna in our office to discuss your booking.

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