Use of Medication – EpiPens

Use of Medication – EpiPens

EpiPens. The law gives a very clear and simple answer to this question: Why can administer and EpiPen? ANYONE CAN.

In 2012 the Medicines Act was broadened to state that any lay person can administer adrenalin for the purpose of saving a life. Before 2012 the law stated that the lay person had to have been appropriately trained.

The Law in Detail – Human Medicine Regulations 2012

Use of Medication - EpiPens
Use of Medication – EpiPens


Usually in the UK the Medicines Act means that a lay person cannot administer a prescription medication to another person. This is stated in Regulation 214:

(1) A person may not sell or supply a prescription only medicine except in accordance with a prescription given by an appropriate practitioner.

(2) A person may not parentally administer (otherwise than to himself or herself) a prescription only medicine unless the person is—

(a)an appropriate practitioner other than an EEA health professional; or

(b)acting in accordance with the directions of such an appropriate practitioner.

The exception to this is the administration of specific prescription only medicines, including adrenaline, when the purpose is to save a life. This is stated in Regulation 238:

Administration of certain medicines in an emergency

Regulation 238. Regulation 214(2) does not apply to the administration of a prescription only medicine specified in Schedule 19 where this is for the purpose of saving life in an emergency.

Adrenaline is one of the drugs listed in Schedule 19. Use of Medication – EpiPens.


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