What is a trauma injury?

A trauma injury is a term that refers to physical injuries of sudden onset and severity that require immediate medical attention, for example extensive bleeding or broken bones from a car crash.

How do I treat a trauma injury?

The injury will require immediate action to stem blood flow and there is a strong likelyhood of ‘shock’ developing. Although bleeding may not be catastrophic, it is likely to be significant and require immediate treatment. To find out about how to treat catastrophic bleeding check out our video on YouTube or our blog here.

What is a trauma pack?

A trauma pack:

  • – Provides supplies for treating multiple casualties following a major event
  • – Includes all the supplies needed to treat catastrophic and life threatening bleeds
  • – Packs come in an emergency bag for easy portability
  • – You will often see packs in a cabinet at a designated location for example a Tube station in the event of a terrorist attack
  • – Every crisis situation requires a different response so packs may vary depending on the expected incident
  • – Professional packs include; chest seals, needles, splints, artificial airways and neck collars for trained personnel only

Whether you are safeguarding a school, preparing for a shooting incident or serving on the front lines of combat, these packs have the emergency essentials for you to address bleeding control, airway/breathing issues and a great range of minor and major injuries.

What should go in a trauma pack?

Likely contents will vary depending on the events that may occur and the level of training of the first aiders. However a good basic trauma pack first aid kit may contain:

  • – 6″ Emergency bandage
  • – 6” Isreali emergency bandage (designed to help stop bleeding)
  • – Celox Z-Fold dressing (clotting bandage)
  • – Celox Celox Pre-Filled Applicator for Penetrating Trauma (clotting bandage)
  • – Tough cut shears (scissors)
  • – Nitrile gloves (pairs)
  • – Casualty Card
  • – CPR facemask

These kind of first aid kits are therefore ideal for responding to a mass casualty incident or for those working in close protection, tree surgery and heavy machine industry and remote working.

Learn how to respond to a Major Incident

Over the past six months the First Aid Training Co-operative has been working hard to develop two new courses to add to our growing list of professional training.  

Introduction to Major Incident Management

Major Incident Management Training

To find out more information or to book a course call our office on 0333 4330731 book online here or send an email to [email protected]