Dangers of using a Kelly kettle

Dangers of using a Kelly kettle

Dangers of using a kelly kettleA Kelly Kettle is a portable device for boiling water outdoors. It uses twigs and other small combustible materials in a small fire chamber to heat water in a water jacket. They are also called various names including – Storm Kettle, Ghillie Kettle, Thermette and Volcano Kettle.

The Kelly Kettle is safe and easy to use. And are very popular with bushcraft, Forest School and Outdoor Woodland Learning groups.

The main danger from using a Kelly kettle comes from potential for burns. This can be when pouring hot water out of the kettle, but most people can do this sensibly. Actually however, the main danger is from forgetting one simple rule –

Once you have removed the protective cork/stopper from kettle and filled kettle with water. DO NOT REPLACE THE STOPPER.

If the cork is left in the kettle as the water boils, the stopper can be ‘blown’ and pop off explosively and release a huge spurt of boiling water. The following news article illustrates why this is so dangerous:

“Three children suffer burns after camping kettle explodes”

“Three families have been left shocked and angry after their children suffered burns following an accident at a school activity in Fife. The children were taking part in an outdoor cooking class when the accident happened. Two pupils were treated for scalding to their faces and bodies and the third had burns on his back as a result of a camping kettle exploding.”

source: BBC News

Read more here.

First aid for scalds and burns – essentially keep the burn sight clean, and apply lots of cool clean water to the burn or scald.

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