First Aid Course Reviews June 2019

Thank you to each of our students who took the time to complete their post course review & evaluation form. We are always happy to look through these and respond to any comments made.

Each month we post these (good and bad) in a blog, so you can get a sense of how we are performing in realtime.  The comments and first aid course reviews we’ve received during June 2019 are below, along with some responses from us.

What Did You Like About Your Course?

Practical teaching

Friendly and authoritative training that was tailored to our individual needs.

Repetitive practices made it easier to remember. ‘Real life’ scenarios outdoors made it more realistic, eg having to deal with ‘casualty’s’ clothing.

Instructors were very knowledgeable and delivered the course topics that suited all participants.  They always managed to pop in a reference to suit all our different backgrounds, outdoor activities and the age groups of people with whom we work.

Well taught

Great combination of being Informative and fun

Training staff were very knowledgeable, and willing to listen to delegate’s experiences and tailor responses to particular situations to provide alternative solutions and reassurance.  There was also a paramedic amongst the delegates and the trainers called on his training and knowledge to ensure the advice being given was as current as possible.

This course was thorough and our trainer was engaging & made some very tricky content easy to remember. By the end of the course I felt confident in tackling a range of first aid situations & felt more knowledgeable about assessing injuries & dealing with accidents.

Material delivered in a very thorough way, building up layers of knowledge that made the information feel intuitive by the end of the course. Enjoyed the friendly, informal approach, which put me at ease and improved my capacity for learning.

I really liked the trainer. He gave us a very complete and personal training. The practical part of the course was very complete as well.

The way of learn, extremely practice I think it was the key. 

It was very relevant to the situations we face in outdoor learning environments

The trainer and the fact it was very interactive and hands on 

It was well presented, the trainer was very knowledgeable and encouraged questions throughout. 


The Trainer (Ann) was very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable and made everyone feel comfortable.  I really enjoyed the day and left feeling confident.


Great fun whilst learning serious life skills

Approach, materials, pre-course information, engagement 

It was good fun – very practical and key skills of ABCDE were constantly repeated to embed them into our brains.

Very friendly and personable teacher put us all at our ease.

I liked that the instructor was very approachable to allow everyone to learn easily and to ask questions if unsure

Getting to know the staff and people on the course. Everyone had a story to tell.

Skilled and knowledgeable instructor. Good practical experience. Team working.

Practical experience 

The course was very informative and beneficial to my workplace and at home.

Will’s ability to distil difficult information into a fun and informative first aid training session

I enjoyed the participation element of the scenarios, the group were motivated and focused, no easy task on a two day end of the week course. 

Knowing there was a download of the course manual meant I could give 100% focus on the provider instead of frantically scribbling notes. 

The instructor Ann was very friendly and great at the delivery of the course.

That the information is relevant to the work we do.

What Did You Think We Could Improve About Your Course?

No improvements required.

The content crammed into two long days just didn’t work.  

It was a lot to take in and the days dragged in after 4pm. It would be a lot better and more relaxed if it was a 3 day course

These are common responses that we receive and more time would indeed be great to have and enable more practice and more time to allow skills to develop. Unfortunately however the majority of people want a first aid course to be as short as possible, and longer courses simply aren’t very popular.  We do offer an Advanced Outdoor First Aid course, and a First Aid at Work course, both of which are 3 days long and are a great choice if you would like more time and more indepth understanding of the issues. 

A flow chart would be helpful, eg casualty responsive-actions, casualty unresponsive but breathing- action / do this, casualty unresponsive and not breathing-do this

There is a free to download Incident Procedure flow chart available in the ‘Free Resources’ section of our site.  There are also various flow charts and simple bullet point instructions to follow for various situations included within the manual.  

More time on scenarios we may come across, seeing more demonstrations under different circumstances  

I did feel that maybe there should be more scenarios used outdoors to teach us. These were very beneficial to put theory into practice.  Possibly too much repetition on day 1

Thanks for the feedback.  We’d love to include more outdoor scenarios, but unfortunately time doesn’t allow, as per the response above.  We find that without the amount of repeated practice on day 1, the techniques and protocols aren’t embedded sufficiently to allow the maximum to be gained from the scenarios on day 2. Again the 3 day courses are great for giving more practical time. 

Shorten overall course time

Could length of day be reduced?

The two days were very long and the venue was out of town – traffic to and from the venue was bad

We are commonly asked if courses can be as short as possible. However, the contact hours for each individual qualification are externally stipulated and so can’t be changed by ourselves.  Sorry to hear the traffic was bad. 

Maybe a safe opportunity to talk through first aid issues people had experienced and what they could have done differently 

Our trainers are always available to chat further at lunch breaks or following the course.  We also encourage you to contact us following an incident if you would like to talk through it with an expert.

Was excellent 

Nothing course excellent 

Wheelchair training

This is something that is best delivered by a specialist in manual handling techniques, the first aid treatment still follows the same principles.

Larger venue with a signal.

We are constantly searching for improved venues and although a data signal isn’t required during the course, we appreciate that it can be helpful during breaks.  We’ll keep this in mind.

I don’t think there is any improvement needed

No it was all very good and of high standards

Offer a written manual for this with no internet access/ limited 

We did used to provide paper manuals but our research showed that they were far less effective, and in fact barely used by the many 1000’s of students that we gave them to.  The digital manuals are less than 8MB, the equivalent of 1 or 2 photos, so can be downloaded with very limited network. 

Great training session with Cory, put everyone at ease

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