Managing Febrile Convulsions

Managing Febrile Convulsions

Febrile convulsions (seizures) occur when a child has a high temperature. The growing brains of small children are more sensitive to temperature (fever) than mature brains. When brain activity is upset, a convulsion can occur. Although convulsions are alarming, managing Febrile Convulsions is simple and they are rarely dangerous if dealt with properly.

Febrile convulsions are common in children between six month and six years of age. Febrile seizures can often be diagnosed from a description of what happened. It’s unlikely that a doctor will see the seizure, so it’s useful to note:

  • How long the seizure lasted.
  • What happened – such as body stiffening, 
twitching of the face, arms and legs, staring and 
loss of consciousness.
  • Whether the child recovered within one hour.


The signs and treatment of febrile convulsions are not taught on an Emergency First Aid at Work course which is why we recommend that Childcare staff take a Paediatric First Aid course.


This week we are asking the Scottish government to change the law to make it compulsory for all Early Years and Childcare (ELC) Providers to have a member of staff on duty when children are present, or on visits, with a 12-hour Paediatric First Aid qualification.

What Can You Do?

We need your support to make this campaign a success and bring Scotland at least into line with the rest of the UK.  Please keep your eyes on our Facebook Page and Twitter Feed over the next few days, and share the campaign content around your friends, family and colleagues.

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Cory is a graduate of the prestigious WEMSI school (Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician), and a qualified teached with a masters degree in Environmental Management. He has lead expeditions worldwide (currently an International Mountain Leader) and is a director of Outdoor First Aid Limited. Cory Jones has worked in the outdoor industry for over 30 years. He first ran first aid training courses for the Red Cross in 2001. Cory has been a provider for SQA, ITC, REC, Highfield, Open College Network over the years. In 2008 Cory set up First Aid Academy in the Lancashire area and won the ‘New Business of the Year 2008 Award’. By 2010 he was running nearly 250 first aid training courses a year. Today, Cory is a director of Outdoor First Aid Limited as well as being a founder of the First Aid Training Co-operative.