Meet the Team – Alan Dobie

Meet The Team – Alan Dobie

Our meet the team series – Alan Dobie

Alan Dobie First AidI’m sometimes asked during the cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) session “Have you ever had to do this for real?” My answer is “No I haven’t and I hope I never have to! However, if I do ever come across a cardiac arrest casualty I’d want to know what to do. Also it’s worth bearing in mind, if I had an accident or fell ill I’d be jolly pleased if there was a first aider on hand.”

I really do believe that first aid is a important life skill that everyone should have, and am motivated by this when training. I got involved with first aid training about 3 years ago when I attended a course to renew my EFAW certificate for various volunteer activities I’m involved with.

I really enjoyed the active learning style of the course, was looking for something new following early retirement and, well…. the rest is history. Here I am now, trucking round the country sharing my enthusiasm with others. I am one of about a dozen trainers with the Co-operative and I love it. I enjoy the enthusiasm of my colleagues and the level of professionalism and emphasis upon quality that drives the organisation.

I also appreciate the superb office back-up provided which allows me to focus on the training. We specialise in tailoring our courses to our clients so whilst the basic first aid remains the same the client group and the context in which we are working is always different. There is also a positive energy about the Co-operative, and that’s great for someone of my vintage. Current initiatives I’m involved with include developing a course to take into primary schools and into the golf sector.

The outdoors has always featured heavily in my life and over the past four decades I have been lucky enough to have expeditioned in many amazing locations throughout the world, including trips to the Himalayas, Patagonia, New Zealand and Morocco. I was a hill runner in my day, running the West Highland Way being one of my treasured life achievements and I still enjoy Scotland’s hills, lochs and coast whenever I can – on foot, on ski, by kayak, swimming, camping or bothying in all seasons.

My passion for the outdoors led me to a career change in the early 1990’s, from the legal profession into the conservation world and I worked in a number of roles for Scottish Natural Heritage for twenty years.

My family and my local community are central to my life and I am involved in various community activities, including being a board member of the local community trust, a health walk leader and minibus driver for the local care project. I also currently sit on the board of The John Muir Trust.

When time permits I escape to the golf course, and achieved my first hole-in-one almost 50 years after starting to play. Its never too late! I also watch a lot of schoolboy rugby which has further reinforced my belief in the importance of quality first aid training being of the highest importance!

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