Meet The Team – Will Manners

Meet The Team -Will Manners

Our meet the team series – Will Manners

Will Manners Hill RunningI have been involved in adventure activities through my work and pastimes for all of my working life (35 years – gulp!).  Inevitably by being very active and travelling a lot (UK as well as overseas) I have come across plenty of accidents and injuries where I have always helped.

I have been obliged to hold a first aid certificate for all of these years but wanted more knowledge and more confidence.  I also love training and meeting new people, so being a first aid trainer has been part of my plan for quite a few years.

I have used various first aid providers in the past but was taken by the approach of the First Aid Training Co-operative.  The continual quest to be the best provider and to lead the field is inspiring.  The passion and energy in the staff are something I wanted to be part of.  The organisation of the business and efficiency of the ‘back office’ tells me that the staff delivering courses are well supported – which they are.  As a new trainer, I feel supported and welcome by all staff; being valued matters.  Ask anyone who is not!

Will Manners MTB LeaderAs a trainer on a variety of subjects I get a buzz out of knowing I have given folks something they can use and value.  I constantly seek ways of making the learning ‘stick’.  Meeting folks I have worked with months or years after I have long forgotten their name (I usually remember faces …..) who tell me that their training was great, valuable or made a difference is soooooo motivating.

Will Manners MountaineeringMy other ‘day jobs’ are being a freelance outdoors instructor (walking, mountaineering, climbing, mountain biking and skiing).  I am also an active triathlon coach and competitive triathlete and runner and still trying to finish an Open University degree!

My happy place is being in the outdoors with my wife or my boys, being in some big wintery mountains, being on my own on top of a mountain or with people I hope to inspire or who inspire me.  To use mankind’s oldest cliché, ‘life is not a rehearsal’, so go live it!