Emergency First Aid at Work – Glasgow

Emergency First Aid at Work – Glasgow (EFAW – Glasgow)

Emergency First Aid at Work – Glasgow. All businesses whether in trade or the service sector are required to have staff available to deal with first aid accidents and incident.

The First Aid Training Co-operative already runs first aid courses in Glasgow for a range of businesses. Often these are either a one-day Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course or the three day First Aid at Work course for more hazardous workplaces.  

The EFAW course is seen by most businesses as best course to do, and covers low risk environments.  It is always preferable to have many staff trained at a lower level, rather few at a higher level in urban environments.

All of our first aid courses follow the national guidance from the European Resusitation Council and include AED training. Our trainer’s qualifications meet or exceed the national standard, and feedback from our customers sets us apart as an excellent provider of first aid training.

The Health and Safety Executive asks businesses to carry out a First Aid Needs Assessment in order to decide what type of first aid course they need. Visit our Free Resources page to download your FREE first aid needs assessment document which will help you ensure you have the correct cover in place.

Emergency First Aid at Work courses can be run for your business at your venue. Or if you are a small business, individuals from your company can join one of our public courses.

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