The More, the Merrier when Learning First Aid

Learning First Aid – Together?

Group study schemes and activities often create a sense of teamwork and a proactive learning environment. It should not be a surprise, then, that we find groups learning first aid together can be a very beneficial experience for all involved. We’ve run private, bespoke courses all over the world, and we have to say that learning is better, together!

Group Questions

Have you even been sat in a training situation where a colleague asked a great question that you wish you’d thought of? Group learning can really build upon gaps in your knowledge as all the people in that group start with the same knowledge, but approach it in different ways. Sometimes you don’t even know you didn’t know something until a friend asks!

Learn a Little, Live a Lot

When you learn in a group, you can rely upon your peers to make sure that the learning doesn’t just stop there. If you don’t remember something, ask someone else who was there! And if the worst should happen, you can always count on one of the other group members to help and assist you too.

We like to call this approach pooling knowledge

. By increasing the number of people in the group you increase the rate at which knowledge is absorbed and retained. Perhaps you found the CPR module really interesting, but your colleague found slings and splints most engaging. You can each rely on both of your own best areas.

You can also refresh each other on the knowledge that you already have and see if there are any gaps that need rectifying. We’d recommend doing this once every six months at the least, or if one of your trained first aiders is no longer with you. This way, you can make sure that you’re not missing anything!

Of course, when it comes to first aid we always think that the more trained people you have, the better.

First Aid Families?

So, why not go the extra mile and get the whole family involved? If you’d like to get the entire family learning some useful skills and have an interesting time doing it, you can! Don’t forget that one of the most common accident locations is the home itself! Brushing up on your knowledge together cannot be a bad thing, and you’ll have fun doing it.

If you’d like to book a course, we’re always willing to accommodate whatever your group needs may be.

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