Setting Emergency Contacts on Android

Making sure your emergency contacts are always reachable is something we should all keep in mind. Our previous post covered how to set emergency contacts on an iOS device, so they could be contacted without unlocking the phone. For those of you with Android phones, the process may be different depending on which version of Android you have.

Setting Up Emergency Contacts – Pre Jellybean

Android Phones that pre-date the Jellybean update have In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts as a default feature. To set this, go to your contacts and follow the below steps:

  1. Select the “Groups” tab.
  2. Select “ICE – Emergency Contacts”.
  3. Use the icon to the right of “Find contacts” (a plus sign) to add an emergency contact.
  4. Select or add a new contact to the group.
  5. All contacts in this group will be available from the lock screen, so you can call them without unlocking your phone

In This Video We Show You How To Set Up Emergency Information On A Motorola Device

Setting Up Emergency Contacts – Jellybean

Unfortunately this incredibly useful feature was removed from Android. Setting ICE information on other phones will depend upon which version of Android you use.

It may be that in your settings you have the ability to set a lock screen message and enter your information there. You might want to use the prefix “ICE” before an emergency contact phone number.

Please be aware, however, that anyone can see the information you provide if they have access to your phone.

The Simplest Solution?

As a easy solution which will work on almost any device, set your lockscreen wallpaper to a picture with your ICE number in one of the corners.